On The death of Common Sense

On The death of Common Sense

by: Robert Clive

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I seriously believe that common sense came under attack back in the 1800’s. It had been tainted by slavery and pompous self-magnitude leading to a war that never should have been. It spread with the robber barons and lead to World War 1, it created the great depression and World War 2. The production of many chemicals that had no place to store the by-products began with the production of dangerous chemicals being pumped into the nations rivers as a toxic waste or in many landfills that later were built over with homes and schools or housing projects. It culminated with the ever increasing saturation in the market place of lawyers. Lawyers love the feel of power and it excites them to take on many good causes. However this craving soon changed to greed and the betterment of society began to crumble in the 1970’s. They had at first brilliant goals of saving the people from the sins of corporations and uncaring government.

What is the ideal weight of a lawyer?
About 3 ponds, including the urn.

They found very little monetary compensation in this area but like the cockroach they found they could feast on injury lawsuits i.e. person reading the mail trips on a sidewalk crack, sue the city. A child rides a bike into a car, sues the bicycle company. An idiot straps weather balloons to a lawnchair, sues the lawnchair company because they were not told it was not designed for this. I have purchased power tools with drawings and warnings of the following

They found very little monetary compensation in this area but soon found they could feast on injury lawsuits i.e. The personal injury lawsuits were an accident waiting to happen. For example a running to catch a bus, trips over a crack in the sidewalk and sues the city. A child swallows a small toy, chokes and dies. The parents sue the company that manufactured the toy because there was no warning to keep away from small children. This occurs regardless of the parent’s negligence. A drunken male straps weather balloons to a lawn chair, falls and dies because the lawn chair collapses. The family sues the lawn chair company because there was no warning that it was not safe or designed for this. I have purchased items warnings similar to the following

  1. Do not hold chainsaw near head when starting.
  2. Circular saw can remove fingers
  3. This hammer can cause serious injury if dropped on head
  4. This baby carriage not made to hold adults
  5. Do not machine wash disposable diapers
  6. Leaving the stove top on unattended may start a fire
  7. Do not put hands under power mower while it is running.

How do you save a drowning lawyer?
Take your foot off his head.

The list is now in the 10s of thousands, what caused this increase in ignorance? When did people become greedy so contemptuous?

A city bus crashes into a another vehicle, sidewalk witnesses quickly climb into the bus and fake injuries

Is it greed? In many cases, yes, occasionally though there is a true danger that should have been detected and a warning issued, however so many nuisance lawsuits are filed just for settlement money.  Lawyers file suit for free until a settlement is obtained.

Judges and juries often find the defendant guilty regardless of the claim.

Instead of taking personal responsibility for their bad decisions, they demand that every item should be idiot proof with every possible warning of a misuse available and when not they seek huge settlements.

A lawsuit is a machine you go into as a pig and come out a sausage.

School parks are locked up on weekends because parents might sue if their unattended child gets hurt.

We are denied use of taxpayer paid parks, lakes, trails, simply because the odds are high that anyone injured may sue and bankrupt a community.

Food companies, paint, toy, boat, appliance or anything as a way to make a buck and we all pay for it.

Albert Einstein said:
“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former”

With this blog I will analyze and post my opinions provide comments, and discuss the latest class action lawsuits.

Back real soon

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