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Thoughts on vice

Thoughts on vice

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There are Viceroys, Vice-presidents, Vice-chancellors,
Vice-consuls but none of these are as known as much as vice. The word sounds like the hiss of a snake and has the reputation of being the definitive word for sin incarnate. The dictionary has eight definitions of this word, not one of them eludes to a positive habit, profession, hobby or occupation. I will not disagree.

Why do we as species dwell on the practice of vice? What is the process of satisfaction involved in its destruction, creation or practice? I will in this post keep it basic for right now. I have known many individuals that had major vices, all of which took their toll on their life, their friends, family and society.

For societies to function there must be high standards we call laws. These are sometimes seen as too much over too little. So often we have tried to stop many vices with great consequences by eliminating the supply. Stopping the availability of alcoholic spirits and you will increase the price. A high demand will find a way to be supplied..

The Ten Commandments are silent about the modern day vices. Did they not have the most basic of these three thousand years ago. Yes, but they were accepted and most were frequented by the wealthy and powerful. Denial was forced upon those that could not afford them. Vices should depend on a surplus income, yet too often it consumes every earned dollar. If you deny the impulse of vice and it’s ultimate inability damage, is it a bad thing?

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Scientists have done studies of those who are addiction prone and many personal traits have been identified. The need for thrill and the ensuing emotions good or bad. Another is the inability to override the impulses in the brain for immediate gratification. If you are uptight the brain seeks relief, take a drink or a pill.

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If you want the thrill of fast money try gambling. However it is a fact that the City of Las Vegas was financed and built by the losers money. This a fact seldom mentioned by a gambling addict. When you bet on a horse race, the winning monies come from the losers pot. State lotteries seldom tell you that the multiple millions come from multiple losers who possess poor math skills.

The vice of prostitution is not organized and run by women, it is a mens organization that will buy Arab women as sex slaves from ISIS it is the living nightmare of young girls who are bought, kidnapped and addicted to drugs then forced to be prostitutes worldwide. In the depraved world of sex for money the girls never become wealthy, their youth is squandered and wasted until finally old age or disease claims them.

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The internet has created an ever increasing demand for more and greater sexual satisfaction and thrills. The users of porno web sites lead to an expectation that their wives or lovers cannot satisfy. The images are exaggerated sexual acts meant to demean women. Morally upright women will not do these same sex acts in the real world. Many men hide their web sites from their wives .When found by wives they feel that they are victims of adulterous acts and have been cheated on, this often leads to divorce and dysfunctional families. The illusion of sexual needs that appear on the internet often warp and destroy many men’s ability to have real world sexual relationships.

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Prescription painkillers are a common and ever increasing common source of addiction. They are the cause of and relief for personal misery. How is this a vice, where is the vice? The vice lies in addiction and violation of federal drug laws. Users become addicted by legal prescriptions, they then will fake pain and ”Doc shop” for prescriptions, often they buy them from illegal dealers like any other street drug. They cannot be sure of the ingredients in a street filled drug and often die. The Veterans Administration is guilty of starting and maintaining many addicts. Once hooked many cannot simply walk away.

I suppose vices are provided to make wealthy the providers. They are made wealthy and powerful by sacrificing your finances, your body, your sanity, your soul while also losing power and wealth.

Please follow my articles as I will elaborate further with articles regarding dealing with vices from around the world.